sukhayoganidrā सुखयोगनिद्रा

Definition: f. placid, deep sleep; -râga, m. N.; -rûpa, a. having an agreeable appearance; -varman, m. N.; -sayâ, f. Name of a sorceress; -sayita, pp. re clining or sleeping pleasantly;-sobha½ar tham, ad. for the sake of comfort and credit; -srava, a. pleasant to hear; -samvâhya, fp. easy to carry about; -samsevya, fp. easy to attain; -samstha, a. being in agreeable cir cumstances; -samsparsa, a.pleasant to the touch; -samkâra, a. pleasant to walk about in or resort to, inviting; -samgñâ, f. the term &open;ease&close;; -sambodhya, fp. easy to en lighten, reasonable; -salila, n. pleasant (= tepid) water; -sâdhya,fp. easy to get the better of or overcome; easily effected or ob tained; -supta, pp. sleeping placidly; -sevya, fp. easy of access: -tva, n. accessibility; -stha, a. being in pleasant circumstances, happy; -sparsa, a. pleasant to the touch; -svâpa, m. placid sleep.

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