subaddha सुबद्ध

Definition: pp. bound fast (RV.1); firmly clenched (fist; C.); -bándhu (or ú, AV.), a. closely connected or related; m. good friend; N.; -bala, m. N.; -bahu, a. (v-î) very much or many; -bâhú, a. fair armed (V., E.); m. (C.) Name of various men; Name of a Dânava and of a Râkshasa: -satru, m. foe of Subâhu, ep. of Râma; -bîga, n. good seed; -buddhi, f. good understanding; a. intelligent, shrewd, wise; m. Good-wit, Name of a crow: -mat, a. very intelligent or wise; -bodha, a. easy to recognise or understand; -bodhinî, f. (facilitating understanding) T. of commentaries; -brahmanyá, a. very fa vourable to Brâhmans; m. one of the three assistants of the Udgâtri priest: &asharp;, f. invo cation of the gods by this priest to partake of the Soma (sts.=the priest himself); 1. (sú)-brahman, n. good Brahman (Br.); 2. -bráhman, a. attended with good prayers (RV.).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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