su सु

Definition: सु I. 1 U. (सुवति-ते) To go, move. -II. 1, 2 P. (सवति, सौति) To possess power or supremacy. -III. 5. U. (सुनोति, सुनुते; सुत; the स् of सु is changed to ष् after any preposition ending in इ or उ) 1 To press out or extract juice. -2 To distil. -3 To pour out, sprinkle, make a libation. -4 To perform a sacrifice especially the Soma (sacrifice). -5 To bathe. -6 To churn. -Desid. (सुषूषति-ते) -With उद् to excite, agitate. -प्र to produce, beget.

Dictionary: Apte
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