sthiti स्थिति

Definition: f. [√ sthâ] C.: standing; re maining, staying, stay, residence (in, on, at, with any one, lc., --°ree;; ord. mg.); upright posi tion (of the breasts); depositing, keeping (of records, money); halting-place, abode (also rarely in Br.); station, position, rank, dignity; steady application to, addiction to, intentness on (lc.); steadfastness, stability; sustained existence, continuance, permanence (common mg.; also U.); duration; existence, occur rence; procedure, behaviour, conduct; state, condition; decree, ordinance; settled rule, maxim (also Br.); usage, custom, institution; fixed opinion, conviction; attaching importance to (youth, lc.); steady adherence to the path of duty or law, moral rectitude; limit, bounds (esp. of morality): -m â-kar, remain standing; -m kri, grah, bhag, or vi-dhâ, make a stay, take up one's abode.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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