sthūla स्थूल

Definition: स्थूल a. (compar. स्थवीयस् superl. स्थविष्ठ) 1 Large, great, big, bulky, huge; बहुस्पृशापि स्थूलेन स्थीयते बहिरश्मवत् Śi.2.78 (where it has sense 6 also); स्थूलहस्तावलेपान् Me.14,18; R.6.28. -2 Fat, corpulent, stout. -3 Strong, powerful; स्थूलं स्थूलं श्वसिति K. 'breathes hard'. -4 Thick, clumsy. -5 Gross, coarse, rough (fig. also) as in स्थूलमानम् q. v. -6 Foolish, doltish, silly, ignorant. -7 Stolid, dull, thick-headed. -8 Not exact. -9 (Inphil.) Material (opp. to सूक्ष्म). -लः The jack tree. -ला -1 Large cardamoms. -2 Scindaspus Officinalis (Mar. गजपिंपळी). -3 Cucumis Utilissimus (Mar. थोरकाकडी). -लम् 1 A heap, quantity. -2 A tent. -3 The summit of a mountain (कूट). -4 Sour milk, curds. -Comp. -अन्त्रम् the larger intestine near the anus. -आस्यः a snake. -इच्छ a. having immoderate desires. -उच्चयः 1 a large fragment of a crag or rock fallen from a mountain and forming an irregular mound. -2 incompleteness, deficiency, defect. -3 the middle pace of elephants; स्थूलोच्चयेनागमदन्तिकागताम् Śi.12.16. -4 an eruption of pimples on the face. -5 a hollow at the root of an elephant's tusks. -कण्टकिका the silk-cotton tree. -कण्टा the egg-plant. -कन्दः 1 a kind of esculent root. -2 red garlic. -काय a. fat, corpulent. -काष्ठाग्निः a tree-trunk or a large log of wood set on fire. -क्षेडः, -क्ष्वेडः an arrow. -चापः a large bow-like instrument used in cleaning cotton. -तालः the marshy date-tree. -त्वचा Gmelina Arborea (Mar. थोर शिवणी). -दला Aloe Perfoliata (Mar. कोरफड). -धी, -मति a. foolish, doltish. -नालः a kind of large reed. -नास, -नासिक a. thick-nosed. (-सः, -कः) a hog, boar. -नीलः a hawk, falcon. -पटः, -टम् coarse cloth. -पट्टः cotton. (-ट्टम्), -पट्टाकः coarse cloth. -पट्टः a. clubfooted, having swelled legs. (-दः) 1 an elephant. -2 a man with elephantiasis. -प्रपञ्चः the gross or material world. -फलः the silk-cotton tree. -भावः Bigness, grossness. -भूत n. pl. the five grosser elements (according to Sāṁkhya phil.). -मध्य a. thick in the middle. -मरिचम् a kind of berry (कक्कोल). -मानम् rough or inexact calculation, gross or rough computation. -मूलम् a kind of radish. -लक्ष, -क्ष्य a. 1 munificent, liberal, generous; अकत्थनो मानयिता स्थूललक्ष्यः प्रियंवदः Mb.3.45.1. -2 wise, learned. -3 inclined to recollect both benefits and injuries. -4 taking careless aim. -लक्षिता munificence, liberality. -वल्कलः the red Lodhra tree. -विषयः a gross or material object. -शङ्खा a woman having a large vulva. -शरीरम् the grosser or material and perishable body (opp. सूक्ष्म or लिङ्ग-शरीर q. v.) -शाटकः (-कम्), शाट(टि)का, -शाटिः a thick or coarse cloth. -शीर्षिका a small ant having a large head in proportion to its size. -शोफ a. greatly swollen. -षट्पदः 1 a large bee. -2 a wasp. -सूक्ष्म a. mighty and subtle (as the god). -स्कन्धः the lakucha tree. -स्थूल a. excessively thick. -हस्तः 1 an elephant's trunk; दिङ्ना- गानां पथि परिहरन् स्थूलहस्तावलेपान् Me.14. -2 a large or coarse hand.

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