stambhanam स्तम्भनम्

Definition: स्तम्भनम् [स्तम्भयति स्तम्भ्-णिच् ल्युट्] 1 Stopping, obstructing, hindering, arresting, suppressing, restraining; लोलोल्लोलक्षुभितकरणोज्जृम्भणस्तम्भनार्थम् U.3.36. -2 Paralysing, benumbing, stupefying. -3 Quieting, composure; पराङ्मुखे$पि दैवे$त्र कृत्यं कार्यं विपश्चिता । आत्मदोष- विनाशाय खचित्तस्तम्भनाय च ॥ Pt.1.36. -4 Making firm or stiff, fixing firmly. -5 Propping, supporting. -6 Stopping the flow of blood. -7 Anything employed as an astringent. -8 A particular magical art or faculty; see स्तम्भ (1). -नः Name of one of the five arrows of Cupid.

Dictionary: Apte
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