skandaḥ स्कन्दः

Definition: स्कन्दः [स्कन्द्-अच्] 1 Leaping. -2 Quicksilver. -3 Name of Kārtikeya; सेनानीनामहं स्कन्दः Bg.1.24; R.2. 36;7.1; Me.45. -4 Name of Śiva. -5 The body. -6 A king. -7 The bank of a river. -8 A clever man. -9 A kind of disease common to children. -1 Effusion, spilling. -11 Perishing, destruction. -Comp. -अंशकः quicksilver. -जननी Name of Parvatī. -जित् Name of Viṣṇu. -पुत्रः a son of Skanda (euphemistic term for a thief); प्रथममेतत् स्कन्दपुत्राणां सिद्धिलक्षणम् Mk.3.12/13. -पुराणम् one of the 18 Purāṇas. -मातृ f. Name of Durgā. -षष्ठी 1 a festival in honour of Kārtikeya on the sixth day of Chaitra. -2 The 6th day of the light half of the कार्तिक month.

Dictionary: Apte
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