siddhāntasārasvata सिद्धान्तसारस्वत

Definition: an independent work on grammar believed to have been written by Devanandin. सिद्धान्तिन् a term used in connection with the writer himself of a treatise when he gives a reply to the objections raised by himself or quoted from others,the term पूर्वपाक्षिन् being used for the objector. सिद्धि formation of a word: establishment of the correct view after the removal of the objection; e. g. संज्ञासिद्वि, कार्यसिाद्व, स्वरसिद्धि. सिप् (1) the personal ending (सि) of the second person singular (मध्यमपुरुषैकवचन) substituted for the affix ल्; of the ten tenses and moods लट्, लिट्, लृट् and others; cf. P.III.4.78: (2 Vikarana affix स् added to a root before the affixes of लेट् or Vedic Subjunctive. सिम् a technical term used in the Vajasaneyi-Pratisakhya for the first eight vowels of the alphabet, viz. अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ऋ and ऋ: cf. सिमादितोष्टौ स्वराणाम् V. Pr.. I.44.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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