savitṛ सवितृ

Definition: m. Name of a sun-deity (according to to belonging to the atmosphere as well as to heaven;and sometimes in the veda- identified with, at other times distinguished from sūrya-,"the Sun", being conceived of and personified as the divine influence and vivifying power of the sun, while sūrya- is the more concrete conception; according to to the sun before rising is called savitṛ-, and after rising till its setting sūrya-;eleven whole hymns of the and parts of others[ i, 35; ii, 38; iii, 62, 10-12 etc.'> ] are devoted to the praise of savitṛ-;he has golden hands, arms, hair etc.;he is also reckoned among the āditya-s [ q.v ], and is even worshipped as"of all creatures", supporting the world and delivering his votaries from sin;the celebrated verse , called gāyatrī- and sāvitrī-[qq.vv.] is addressed to him) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Naigh., Sa1y., RV., e.g. i , 35 ; ii , 38 ; iii , 62 , 10-12 , RV. iii , 62 , 10, RV.
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