sattram सत्त्रम्

Definition: सत्त्रम् [सद्-ष्ट्रन्] (usually written सत्रम्) 1 A sacrificial session, especially one lasting from 13 to 1 days. -2 A sacrifice in general; त्रेतामपि निबोध त्वं यस्मिन् सत्रं प्रवर्तते Mb.3.149.23. -3 An oblation, offering, gift. -4 Liberality, munificence. -5 Virtue. -6 A house, residence. -7 Covering. -8 Wealth. -9 A wood, forest; अयमेव मृगव्यसत्रकामः Ki.13.9. -1 A tank, pond. -11 Fraud, cheating. -12 A place of refuge, asylum, covert. -13 Gifts made at all times; L. D. B. -14 Haughtiness, pride; L. D. B. -16 An assumed form or disguise; छन्नं तथा तं सत्रेण पाण्डवं प्रेक्ष्य भारत Mb.4.38.4. -Comp. -अपश्रयः a place of refuge, asylum. -अयनम् (णम्) a long sacrificial session. -परिवेषणम् distribution of food at a sacrifice. -शाला an alms-house.

Dictionary: Apte
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