satīnaḥ सतीनः

Definition: सतीनः 1 A kind of pulse of pease. -2 A bamboo.सतीर्थः satīrthḥ सतीर्थ्यः satīrthyḥसतीर्थः सतीर्थ्यः A fellow religious student, (a pupil of the same preceptor); यमात्मनः सतीर्थ्यं पितैव ते जानीते यो$सौ यादृशश्चेति Māl.2. According to Pāṇini (VI.3.87)the latter word alone is correct. शब्दरत्नावली, however, says,"स्यात् सतीर्थः सतीर्थ्यो$पि तथैकगुरुरित्यपि."Bohtlingk and Wackernagel say that the word सतीर्थ is approved to be correct by Vopadeva. But this is wrong because मुग्धबोधव्याकरण accepts सतीर्थ्य alone to be correct.

Dictionary: Apte
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