sarvakarman सर्वकर्मन्

Definition: n. pl. all kinds of works, rites, or occupations; 1. -kâma, m. pl. all kinds of desires; 2. (á)-kâma, a. wish ing everything; fulfilling all wishes; possess ing everything wished for; m. Name of a son of Rituparna; -kâmika, a. fulfilling all wishes; obtaining all one's desires; -kâmin, a. id.; -kâlam, ad. at all times, always (w. na, never); -kâle, lc. id.; -kâla-mitra, n. friend at all times; -kâsham, abs. w.√ kash, ex haust completely; -kshaya, m. destruction of the universe; -ga, a. all-pervading, omni present; -gana, m. the whole throng; a. (sárva- or sarvá-) having or forming a com plete company (V.); -gata, pp. all-pervading, universally prevalent; omnipresent: papra- kkha½anâmayam sarvagatam, he asked after their universal health=whether they were well in every respect: -tva, n. universal dif fusion, omnipresence; -gandha-vaha, a. wafting perfumes of all kinds; -gâtra, n. pl. all limbs; -guna, m. pl. all excellences; -grâsam, abs. w. √ gras, devour entirely; -m-kasha, a. wearing out entirely, exceed ingly cruel; all-pervading: â, f. T. of Mal linâtha's commentary on the Sisupâla-va dha; -karu, m. N. (Br.); -gana, m. every one; -ganîna, a. relating or belonging to every one; -git, a. all-conquering; -gña, a. all-knowing, omniscient (gods or men, esp. ministers and philosophers); m. N.; -gña-tâ, f., -gña-tva, n. omniscience; -gña-nârâya- na, m. Name of a scholar; -gña-mitra, m. N., -gñam-manya, a. considering oneself omni scient: -tâ, f. abst. n.; -gñâna-maya, a.containing all knowledge.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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