samudanta समुदन्त

Definition: a. rising above the edge, about to overflow (V.); -aya, m. union, junction (of forces); combination, aggregate; income, revenue (rare); success (rare): -m kri, collect or assemble (an army); -âkâra, m. presentation, offering, of (--°ree;); good or courteous behaviour; intercourse with (in.); address; -âya, m. combination, collection, aggregate, whole; genus (elephant); -âyin, a. combining, forming an aggregate; -ita mukha, a. with one voice, all at once; -ga, m. round casket; kind of artificial stanza (in which the two halves are identical in sound but different in meaning, e.g. Kirâtâr gunîya XV, 16): -ka, m. n. round casket; -gama, m. rise (of the sun), rising (of dust, of the breast); -danda, a. uplifted (arm); -desa, m. exposition, doctrine; locality, place; -dhata, pp. √ han: -lâ&ndot;gûla, a. cocking his tail; -dharana, n. upraising, extrication; removal; -dhartri, m. deliverer from (the ocean, danger, ab.); extirpator; -dhâra, m. extraction; rescue; removal, destruction; -bandhana, n. hanging up: âtmanah --, hanging oneself; -bodhana, n.resuscitation; -bhava, m. production, origin; appearance: --°ree; a. arising or produced from, being the source of; -bhâsana, n. illuminating; -bhe da, m. development; source; -yama, m. lift ing up; exertion, effort, labour, setting about (d., lc., --°ree;); -yamin, a. exerting oneself, strenuous; -yoga, m. employment, use (rare); preparation, equipment; energy; concurrence (of causes).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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