samuccaya समुच्चय

Definition: m. (heaping up to gether), mass, multitude; totality, aggregate; conjunctive sense (of ka; opp. vikalpa, dis junctive sense of vâ): -½upamâ, f. simile with a &open;not only, but also&close;; -kârana, n. simul taneous utterance; -kikîshâ, f. [√ ki] desire to collect or summarise; -kitî-kri, unite; -ketavya, fp. to be taken together (the one as well as the other); -keya, fp. id.; -kheda, m.: -na, n.destruction, extermination; -khra ya, a. growing up (living beings); m. erec tion, elevation (rare); height, length; emi nence, mountain (rare); rise, exaltation, high position; augmentation, stimulation; -khvas ita, pp. √ svas; n. taking breath; (-ug)- gvala, a. shining, radiant, splendid (on, in, with, --°ree;).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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