samarthanam समर्थनम्

Definition: समर्थनम् ना 1 Establishing, supporting, corroborating. -2 Defending, vindicating, justifying; स्थिते- ष्वेतत् समर्थनम् K. P.7. -3 Pleading, advocating. -4 Judging, considering; imagining. -5 Deliberation, determination, deciding on the propriety or otherwise of anything. -6 Adequacy, efficacy, force, capability; स तु ज्ञानगरीयस्त्वात्तपसश्च समर्थनात् Mb.1.13.1. -7 Energy, perseverance. -8 Reconciling differences, allaying disputes. -9 Objection. -1 Compensation for an offence; नो तदागसि परं समर्थना N.18.136.

Dictionary: Apte
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