samarthana समर्थन

Definition: n. reflection, contem plation; corroboration, vindication, justifica tion; ability, competence (ab., by virtue of, g.): -m kri, reflect; -arthanîya, fp. to be established, justified, or cleared up; -artha ya, den. (v. arthaya) arrange etc.; connect with, construe grammatically: pp. ita, capable; -arthya, fp. to be established, corroborated, or justified; -ardhana, a. (î) causing to suc ceed; -ardhayitri, m. fulfiller, bestower: trî, f.; -arpaka, a. delivering, yielding up; -árpana, n. placing or throwing upon (Br.); C.: delivering, handing over, consigning, be stowing; making known, communicating; -arpanîya, fp. to be delivered, handed over, or entrusted; -arpayitavya, fp. id.; -arpita, cs. pp. (√ i) handed over etc.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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