samāvartana समावर्तन

Definition: n. return home (of a pupil after the completion of his reli gious studies); -vaha, a. bringing, producing (--°ree;); -(â)vâya, m. metr. for -(a)vâya; -vâ sa, m. abode, habitation; -vritti,f.=-âvar tana; -vesa, m. entering; absorption in (--°ree;); simultaneous occurrence, co-existence (ord. mg.); agreement with (--°ree;); -sraya, m. con nexion with (--°ree;); shelter, refuge, asylum (ord. mg.); dwelling-place, habitation; re lation, reference (rare); resorting to (--°ree;): ab. in consequence of, owing to; a. (--°ree;) dwelling or situated in; relating to; -sraya- na, n. resorting or attaching oneself to (--°ree;); -srayanîya, be sought refuge with; taken service with; m. master (opp. samâ srita, servant); -srayin, a. occupying, ob taining possession of (--°ree;); -srita, pp. √ sri; m. servant: -tva, n. having betaken oneself to (the protection of, --°ree;); -slesha, m. em brace; -svâsa, m. recovery of breath, relief, encouragement; consolation; -svâsana, n. encouraging, comforting; consolation; -svâs ya, fp. to be consoled.

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