samāruh समारुह्

Definition: P. -rohati-, to ascend or rise to or upon (accusative locative case,or upari-), mount, enter (accusative) etc. ; to advance towards or against (accusative) ; to enter upon, attain to, under. take, begin (with tulām-,"to become like or similar") etc.: Causal -rokayati-, or -ropayati-, to cause to mount or ascend (two accusative or accusative and locative case) etc. ; to cause to rise (a star) ; to place upon, impose ; to lift up, erect, raise (literally and figuratively) etc. ; to place in or among (accusative) ; to deposit (the sacred fire) in (accusative or locative case) ; to string (a bow) ; to deliver over, entrust or commit to (locative case) ; to ascribe, attribute, transfer to (locative case) : Desiderative See next.