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Definition: समान a. 1 Same, one, equal, like, similar; नोप- गच्छेत् प्रमत्तो$पि स्त्रियमार्तवदर्शने । समानशयने चैव न शयीत तया सह ॥ Ms.4.4; भुजे भुजंगेन्द्रसमानसारे R.2.74; समानशीलव्यसनेषु सख्यम् Subhāṣ. -2 One, uniform. -3 Good, virtuous, just. -4 Common, general. -5 Honoured. -6 Middling, moderate. -7 Whole (as a number). -नः 1 A friend, an equal. -2 One of five life-winds or vital airs, which has its seat in the cavity of the navel and is essential to digestion. -3 A letter having the same organ of utterance. -नम् ind. Equally with, like (with instr.); जलधरेण समानमुमापतिः Ki.18.4. -Comp. -अक्षरम् Name of the vowels अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ॠ, and लृ (opp. संध्यक्षर). -अधिकरण a. 1 having a common substratum. -2 being in the same category or predicament. -3 being in the same case-relation or government (in gram.); तत्पुरुषः समानाधिकरणः कर्मधारयः P.I.2.42. ˚समास The कर्मधारय compound where the expressions are in apposition to one another; समानाधिकरणसमासस्तु बलीयान् । तत्र हि स्वार्थे शब्दौ वृत्तौ भवतः । ŚB. on MS.6.1.51. (-णम्) 1 same location or predicament. -2 agreement in case, apposition. -3 a predicament including several things, a generic property. -4 common government. -अधिकारः generic characteristic. -अभिहारः A mixture of objects of the same kind; व्यवधानात् समानाभिहाराञ्च Sān. K.7. -अर्थ a. having the same meaning, synonymous. -उदकः a relative connected by the libations of water to the Manes of common ancestors; this relationship extends from the seventh (or eleventh) to the thirteenth (or fourteenth according to some) degree; समानो- दकभावस्तु निवर्तेताचतुर्दशात्; see Ms.5.6 also. -उदर्यः a brother of whole blood, uterine brother. -उपमा a kind of Upamā; सरूपशब्दवाच्यत्वात् सा समानोपमा यथा । बालेवोद्यान- मालेयं सालकाननशोभिनी ॥ Kāv.2.29. -करण a. having the same organ of utterance (said of a sound). -कर्तृक a. (in gram.) having the same subject in a sentence. -कर्मक a. (in gram.) having the same object; P.111 4.48. -काल, -कालीन a. synchronous, simultaneous. -क्षेम a. balancing each other. -गति a. agreeing together. -गोत्र = सगोत्र q. v. -जन्मन् a. of equal age; Ms.2.28. -दुःख a. sympathiser. -धर्मन् a. possessed of the same qualities, sympathising, appreciator of merits; उत्पत्स्यते$स्ति मम को$पि समानधर्मा Māl.1.6. -प्रतिपत्ति a. of equal intelligence, judicious. -मान a. equally honoured with. -यमः the same pitch of voice. -योगित्वम् being on a par with, being connected in the same way as; एवं द्रव्यैः समानयोगित्वं स्त्रीणाम् ŚB on Ms.6.1.1. -रूपा a kind of riddle in which the same words are to be understood in a literal and figurative sense. -वयस् a. of the same age. -रुचि a. agreeing in tastes. -शब्दत्वम् the state of being expressed or referred to by the same term; ऐकशब्द्यात् समानशब्दत्वादित्यर्थः ŚB. on MS.7.1.18. -शील a. of a similar disposition; समानशीलव्यसनेषु सख्यम् H. -सूत्रनिपाते ind. on the diametrically opposite side. -स्थानम् interposition.

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