samāgam समागम्

Definition: P. -gacchati-, to come together (in a friendly or hostile manner;also sexually), meet, be united with (instrumental case with and without saha-,or rdham-) etc. ; to come together (as heavenly bodies in conjunction or occultation) ; to come to, come near, approach, arrive at (accusative or locative case) etc. ; to come back, return from (ablative) ; to meet with, come upon, find (accusative) : Causal -gamayati-, to cause to come together, bring together, unite one thing or person (accusative) with another (instrumental case or locative case)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3Br., ChUp., MBh., VarBr2S., MBh., Ka1v., ib., MBh., R., Vikr.
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