sagara सगर

Definition: सगर a. [गरेण विषेण सहितः] Poisonous, having poison, -रः Name of a king of the Solar race. [He was a son of Bāhu and was called Sagara because he was born together with gara or poison given to his mother by the other wife of his father. By his wife Sumati he had 6 sons. He successfully performed 99 sacrifices but when he commenced the hundredth, his sacrificial horse was stolen by Indra and carried down to the Pātāla. Sagara thereupon commanded his 6 sons to search it out. Finding no trace of the animal on earth they began to dig down towards the Pātāla, and in doing this they naturally increased the boundaries of the ocean which was therefore called Sāgara; cf. R.13.3. Meeting with the sage Kapila they rashly accused him of having stolen their horse, as a punishment for which they were instantly reduced to ashes by that sage. It whas after several thousands of years that Bhagīratha (q. v.) succeeded in bringing down to the Pātāla the celestial river Ganges to water and purify their ashes and thus to convey their souls to heaven.]

Dictionary: Apte
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