sagara सगर

Definition: m. Name of a king of the solar race, sovereign of ayodhyā- (son of bāhu-;he is said to have been called sa-gara-, as born together with a poison given to his mother by the other wife of his father;he was father of asamañja- by keśinī- and of sixty thousand sons by su-mati-;the latter were turned into a heap of ashes by the sage kapila- [see bhagīratha-],and their funeral ceremonies could only be performed by the waters of gaṅgā- to be brought from heaven for the purpose of purifying their remains;this was finally accomplished by the devotion of bhagīratha-, who having led the river to the sea, called it sāgara- in honour of his ancestor: sagara- is described as having subdued the śaka-s, yavana-s, and other barbarous tribes; plural"the sons of sagara-") etc. ()