sa स

Definition: inseparable pcl. °ree;-- expressing union, community, similarity, equality (opp. aprivative), generally in adjective compounds=1. possessing (e.g. sa-paksha, winged), wearing (e. g. sa-vâsas, clothed), containing (e. g. saphena, foaming), displaying (e. g. sa-hâsa, smiling); 2. accompanied by, together with (e. g. sa-bhârya); 3. in addition to, and (e. g. sa-pâdam panam, a Pana and a quarter); 4. belonging to the same (e. g. sa-varna), having a similar, resembling in (e. g. sa-rûpa); the adjective suffix -in is sts. added to these cpds. (e. g. sa-putrin=sa-putra).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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