saṃvah संवह्

Definition: (see sam--1. ūh-) cl.1 P. A1. -vahati-, te- (infinitive mood -voḍhum-), to bear or carry together or along or away, take, convey, bring etc. ; to load (a cart or car) ; to take a wife, marry ; to carry or move or rub (the hand) along the body, stroke, soothe (3. dual number perfect tense saṃ-vavāhatuḥ-, according to to some fr. saṃ-vāh-) ; to manifest, express : Passive voice -samuhyate-, to be borne by (instrumental case), ride on (instrumental case) : Causal -vāhayati-, te- (Passive voice -vāhyate-), to cause to be brought together, bring together, assemble ; to guide, conduct, drive (a carriage) ; to chase, hunt ; to rub, stroke etc. ; to set in motion ; to take (a wife), marry (varia lectio)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV., R., MW., MBh., iii , 11005, BhP., MBh., BhP., Hariv., Ra1jat., MBh., R., Katha1s., Pan5cat. v , 14, A1past., R., S3ak., Ka1d., Vet.
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