saṃvadana संवदन

Definition: n. conversation, talk; -vánana, a. (î) V.: conciliating, propitiat ing; C.: encouraging (liberality, --°ree;); n. (V., C.) means of conciliation; subduing spell; -vara, m. n. incorr. for sambara;-várana, 1. m. N. (C.); n. enclosure (as place of sacri fice; V.); concealment, secrecy (C.); 2. n. (C.) choice (of a husband): -srag, f. wreath given by a girl to the man of her choice; -varanîya, fp. to be concealed; -vargá,a. √ vrig] rapacious (Agni; V.); -várgam, abs. snatching up, sweeping together (RV.); -varta, m. [rolling together: √ vrit] dense mass (of people); cloud charged with rain; end or dissolution of the world; N. (C.;á, RV.1): -ka, a. (rolling together), destroying all things at the end of the world (fire etc.); m. fire of universal destruction: pl. fires of hell; -vartikâ, f. (rolled up leaf=) young lotus petal; -vardhana, a. increasing, pro moting; m. N.; n. growing up (of a child); rearing (of a child); success; promoting; -vardhanîya, fp. to be reared (child); to be maintained (servants); to be increased or fos tered (virtue); -valana, n., â, f. (hostile) en counter; mixture, union; -vasati, f. dwell ing together; -vásana, n. dwelling-place (RV.1); (sám)-vasu, m. fellow-dweller (V.); -vaha, m. Name of one of the seven winds; -v&asharp;k, f. colloquy (V.); -vâdá, m. conversation (V., C.), with (in. ± saha, lc., --°ree;); agreement, conformity, correspondence, similarity, equal ity (C.): (a)-ka, a. agreeing; m. N.; -vâd ana, n. agreement; -vâdin, a. conversing; agreeing or harmonizing, with (g., --°ree;); -vâ ra, m. contraction of the vocal chords (in pronouncing a sound), obtuse articulation (opp. vivâra); impediment (v. r.); -vârya, fp. to be concealed; -vâsa, m. dwelling to gether, with (in. ± saha, --°ree;); cohabitation, with (--°ree;); settlement, dwelling; common abode (rare); -vâsin, a. 1. clothed in (--°ree;); 2. dwelling together; --°ree;, dwelling in, inha biting; m. fellow-dweller; -vâha, m. ex tortion, oppression: -ka, a.stroking (--°ree;); m., i-kâ, f. shampooer; -vâhana, n. passage (of clouds); stroking with the hand (±hasta-, of limbs etc., --°ree;); -vâhya, fp. to be borne; to be exhibited (in a-).

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