saṃvad संवद्

Definition: संवद् 1 P. 1 To talk to, address; मैतस्मिन् संवदिष्ठा अतिष्ठाः Bṛi. Up.2.1.2. -2 To speak together, converse, discourse. -3 To resemble, tally with, correspond to, be like (with instr.); अस्य मुखं सीताया मुखचन्द्रेण संवदत्येव U.4; अहो संवदन्त्यक्षराणि Mu.5. -4 To name, call. -5 To agree, accord, consent. -6 To coincide, fit together (so as to give one sense). -Caus. 1 To consult, hold consultation (with instr.); as in मौहूर्तिकैः सह संवाद्यताम्. -2 To cause to sound, play upon (a musical instrument). -3 To declare (truly or sincerely); संवाद्य रूपसंख्यादीन् स्वामी तद्द्रव्यमर्हति Ms.8.31.

Dictionary: Apte
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