saṃvṛt संवृत्

Definition: A1. -vartate- (perfect tense parasmE-pada -vavṛtv/as- q.v; Vedic or Veda infinitive mood -v/ṛtas-; indeclinable -vartam-), to turn or go towards, approach near to, arrive at ; to go against, attack (accusative) ; to meet, encounter (as foes) ; to come together, be rolled together, be conglomerated ; (also with mithas-) to have sexual intercourse together ; to take shape, come into being, be produced, arise from (ablative) etc. ; to come round or about, come to pass, happen, occur, take place, be fulfilled (as time) ; etc. ; to begin, commence ; to be, exist etc. ; to become, grow, get (with Nominal verb) ; to be conducive to, serve for (dative case) : Causal vartayati-, to cause to turn or revolve, roll (literally and figuratively) etc. ; to turn towards or hither ; to clench (the fist) ; to wrap up, envelop ; to crumple up, crush, destroy ; to bring about, accomplish, perform, execute ; to fulfil, satisfy (a wish) ; to think of. find out (a remedy) : Desiderative -v/ivṛtsati-, to wish to have sexual intercourse with (accusative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., AV., R., MBh., RV. iv , 24 , 4, Pan5cavBr., Kaus3., S3Br., A1past., RV., MBh., Ka1v., R., ChUp., MBh., R., Ragh., Lalit., RV., RV., Hariv., MBh., MBh., R., Hariv., R., BhP., R., Car., AV.
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