saṃskṛta संस्कृत

Definition: संस्कृत p. p. 1 Made perfect, refined, polished, cultivated. -2 Artificially made, highly wrought, carefully or accurately formed, elaborated. -3 Made ready, dressed, prepared; cooked. -4 Consecrated, hallowed; संस्कृतश्चापि रामेण जगाम गतिमुत्तमाम् Rām.4.57.11. -5 Initiated into worldly life, married. -6 Cleansed, purified. -7 Adorned, decorated. -8 Excellent, best. -तः 1 A word formed regularly according to the rules of grammar, a regular derivative. -2 A man of any one of the first three castes over whom all the purificatory rites have been performed. -3 A learned man. -तम् 1 Refined or highly polished speech, the Sanskṛit language; संस्कृतं नाम दैवी वागन्वाख्याता महर्षिभिः Kāv.1. 33. -2 A sacred usage. -3 An offering, oblation (mostly Vedic). -Comp. -आत्मन् 1 one who has received purificatory rites; याजनाध्यापने नित्यं क्रियेते संस्कृतात्मनाम् Ms. 1.11. -2 a sage. -उक्तिः f. 1 a polished word or language. -2 a Sanskṛit word or expression.

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