saṃskṛ संस्कृ

Definition: संस्कृ 8 U. 1 To adorn, grace, decorate; ककुभं सम- स्कुरुत माधवनीम् Śi.9.25. -2 To refine, polish; वाण्येका समलंकरोति पुरुषं या संस्कृता धार्यते Bh.2.19; Śi.14.5. -3 To consecrate by repeating Mantras; मन्त्रैस्तु संस्कृतानद्या- च्छाश्वतं विधिमास्थितः Ms.5.36. -4 To purify (a person) by scriptural ceremonies, perform purificatory ceremonies over (a person); संचस्कारोभप्रीत्या मैथिलेयौ यथाविधि R.15.31; Y.2.124. -5 To cultivate, educate, train; आर्यौपदेशसंस्क्रियमाणमतयः Mu.3. -6 To make ready, prepare, equip, fit out; जीवां भूयो रघुपतिवृषा स्पर्शतः संस्करोति Mv.6.37; Ms.9.279; Mu.3. -7 To cook, dress (food). -8 To purify, cleanse. -9 To collect, heap together. -1 To construct, form well or thoroughly. -11 To accumulate; ये पक्षापरपक्षदोषसहिताः पापानि संस्कुर्वते Mk.9.4 (v. l). -12 To correct (astronomically).

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