saṃdhi संधि

Definition: euphonic combination; phonetic combination of two vowels or two consonants or one vowel and one consonant resulting from their close utterance; many kinds of such combinations and varieties are given in the Pratisakhya works. In the Siddhantakaumudi, Bhattoji Diksita has given five kinds of such Sandhis at the beginning of his work; cf. पदान्तपदाद्योः संधिः । यः कश्चिद्वैदिकशास्त्रसंधिरुच्यते स पदान्तपदाद्योर्वेदितव्यः।ते संधयश्चत्वारो भवन्ति । स्वरयोः व्यञ्जनयो: स्वरव्यञ्जनयोश्च V. Pr. III. 3.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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