saṃcar संचर्

Definition: P. -carati- (rarely A1. te-; see ), to go or come together, meet, join ; to come near, approach, appear ; to go or wander about, walk about, roam, go or drive or ride in or on (instrumental case) etc. ; to reach to (ā-) ; to go in or through, enter, traverse, pervade etc. ; to pass over to, pass from one to another (genitive case) ; to issue from (ablative) ; to move, live, exist, be ; to practise, perform : Causal -cārayati-, to cause to come together, make to meet, bring into contact ; to cause to go, set in motion ; to lead about, turn out (to graze) ; to cause to pass through ; to let pass, hand round

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 1-3 , 54 Sch., Gi1t., RV., AV., AV., Kum., AV., Pan5cat., S3Br., S3Br., S3rS., Bhartr2., BhP., VS., S3Br., La1t2y., Ka1lid., Hit., S3ak., BhP., BhP., Car.
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