saṃbudh संबुध्

Definition: संबुध् 1 U., 4 Ā. 1 To know, understand, learn; become aware of; संभुत्सीष्ठाः सुनयनयनैर्विद्विषामीहितानि Bk. 19.3. -2 To perceive, observe, notice. -3 To wake up, rise from sleep. -Caus. 1 To inform, acquaint with, give information about; तवागतिज्ञं समबोधयन् माम् R.13.25. -2 To address, call out to. -3 To instruct. -4 To admonish, advise. -5 To wake up, rouse. -6 To explain.

Dictionary: Apte
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