saṇ सण्

Definition: tad. affix सण् prescribed after the word पर्शु in the sense of collection; e. g. पार्श्र्वम् : cf. पर्श्वा: सण् P,IV,2.43 Vart, 3 for which there is an alfernative reading पर्श्वा णस् वक्तव्यः; for facility of grammatical operations णस् is recommended with preference in the Mahabhasya, cf एवं तर्हि णस् वक्तव्य; M.Bh. on P. IV.2.43 Vart. 3; (2) सण् is given as a technical term for संयोग in the Pratisakhya works: cf. सयुक् सण् । संयुक्तं व्यञ्जनं संयोगसंज्ञं भवति R.T.27.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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