sāndra सान्द्र

Definition: सान्द्र a. 1 Close, compact, having no interstices. -3 Coarse, gross, thick, dense; दुर्वर्णभित्तिरिह सान्द्रसुधा- सवर्णा Śi.4.28,64;9.15; R.7.41; Ṛs.1.2. -3Clustered together, collected. -4 Stout, strong, robust. -5 Excessive, abundant, much; सान्द्रानन्दक्षुभितहृदयप्रस्रवेणाव- सिक्तः U.6.22. -6 Intense, strong, vehement; व्याप्तान्तराः सान्द्रकुतूहलानाम् R.7.11; Śi.9.37. -7 Unctuous, oily, viscid. -8 Bland, soft, smooth. -9 Pleasing, agreeable. -द्रम् 1 A heap, clustor. -2 A thicket, wood. -Comp. -कुतूहल a. greatly curious, seized with great curiosity. -स्पर्श a. soft to the touch.

Dictionary: Apte
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