sādhya साध्य

Definition: m. (plural) "they that are to be propitiated", Name of a class of celestial beings (belonging to the gaṇa-devatā- q.v,sometimes mentioned in the veda- [see ];in the their world is said to be above the sphere of the gods;according to yāska-[ ] their locality is the bhuvarloka- or middle region between the earth and sun;in , the sādhya-s are described as created after the gods with natures exquisitely refined, and in , as children of the soma-sad-s, sons of virāj-;in the purāṇa-s they are sons of sādhyā-, and their number is variously twelve or seventeen;in the later mythology they seem to be superseded by the siddha-sSee siddha-;and their names are manas-, mantṛ-, prāṇa-, nara-, pāna-, vinirbhaya-, naya-, daṃśa-, nārāyaṇa-, vṛṣa-, prabhu-) etc.