sāgara सागर

Definition: m. [sagara; according to the legend the basin dug out by the sons of Saga ra and filled by Bhagîratha with the waters of the Ganges], ocean, sea (often used fig. --°ree; to express vastness, inexhaustibility, pro fundity, danger): pl. sons of Sagara; sg. Name of various men: -gâmin, a. flowing to the sea; -m-gama, a. id.; -datta, m. N.; -dhîra- ketas, a. having a mind steadfast as the sea; -pura, n. Name of a town; -vîra, m. N.; -saya, a. resting on the ocean; m. ep. of Vishnu; -sukti, f. sea-shell; -½anta, m. sea-coast; a. ending at the ocean, sea-girt (earth); -½am bara, a. sea-clad (earth): â, f. earth; -½âvar ta, m. bay of the sea.

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