rudra रुद्र

Definition: रुद्र a. [रोदिति रुद्-रक् Uṇ.2.22] 1 Dreadful, terrific frightful, formidable. -2 Great, large. -3 Driving away evil. -4 Praiseworthy. -द्रः 1 Name of a group of gods, eleven in number, supposed to be inferior manifestations of Śiva or Śaṁkara, who is said to be the head of the group; रुद्राणां शंकरश्चास्मि Bg.1.23; रुद्राणामपि मूर्धानः क्षतहुंकारशंसिनः Ku.2.26. -2 Name of Śiva. -3 Fire. -4 The number 'eleven'. -5 (pl.) प्राणs and इन्द्रियs; Mb.12.316.5 (com.). -6 N. for the hymns addressed to Rudra. -Comp. -अक्षः a kind of tree. (-क्षम्) 1 a rosary. -2 the berry of this tree, used for rosaries; भस्मोद्धूलन भद्रमस्तु भवते रुद्राक्षमाले शुभम् K. P.1. -अरिः the god of love. -आक्रीडः a cemetery. -आवासः 1 'the abode of Rudra', the mountain Kailāsa. -2 Name of Benares. -3 a cemetery; cf. पितृसद्मगोचरः Ku.5.77. -गर्भः Name of Agni. -जः quicksilver. -दर्शन a. terrific. -पत्नी 1 the goddess Durgā. -2 linseed. -प्रयागः the sacred place where the मन्दाकिनी joins the गङ्गा. -प्रिया 1 Pārvatī. -2 The yellow myrobalan tree. -भूः f. a cemetery. -यामलम् Name of a Tantra (a dialogue between भैरव and भैरवी). -रोदनम् gold; यत्सेवयाग्नेरिव रुद्ररोदनम् Bhāg.8.24.48. -वीणा a kind of lute. -सखः Name of Kubera. -संमित a. equal to eleven. -सावर्णिः Name of the 12th Manu. -सूः f. a mother giving birth to eleven children.

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