roha रोह

Definition: रोह a. [रुह्-अच्] 1 Growing, springing up. -2 Rising, ascending. -3 Riding on; as in अश्वरोहः 'a rider'. -हः 1 Rising, height, altitude. -2 The raising of anything (as of a number from a smaller to a higher denomination). -3 Growth, development (fig.). -4 Bud, blossom, shoot; बीजं चैकं रोहसहस्रमेति Mb.12.12. 38. -5 The generating cause; क्षिते रोहः प्रवहः शश्वदेव Mb.13.76.1. -6 A rider; बाणाक्षिप्तारोहशून्यासनानाम् Śi.18.56. -Comp. -पूर्व a. having the accents ascending.

Dictionary: Apte
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