rit रित्

Definition: characterized by the mute consonant र् signifying the acute accent for the penultimate vowel;cf. उपोत्तमं रिति P. VI. I. 217; (2) the same as रिफित or रेफि, a visarga which is changeable into र् when euphonically combined; cf. विसर्जनीयो रिफितः V.Pr.I.160; cf. also भाव्युपधं च रिद्विसर्जनीयान्तानि रेफेण; V.Pr. VII.9. The terms रिफित, रेफि and रित् are given in the Padapatha to a पद or word which ends in a Visarga which has originated from र् in the Samhitapatha; e. g. the Visarga in कः, प्रात: etc.; cf. R.Pr.I.30 to 32.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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