rapara रपर

Definition: with the letter र inserted after it; the term is used in connection with the guna and vrddhi substitutes for ऋ. These substitutes are respectively अ and अा, which, by the addition of र्, always become अर् and अार्: cf उरण् रपरः P.I. 1. 51, cf. ऋकारस्य गुणवृद्वीं रेफाशिखा अरारावेवेति cf. also वृद्धिर्भवति गुणो भवतीति रेफशिरा गुणवृद्धिसंज्ञकोभिनिर्वर्तते; M.Bh. on P.VI. 4.121, VIII.2.42.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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