rakta रक्त

Definition: pp. (√ rañg) coloured; red; nasalized (gr.); charming, lovely, sweet (voice); enraged; impassioned; passionately devoted to (anything, lc., --°ree;; any one, g., --°ree;); attached, fond; enamoured; charmed with (in.); n. blood: -ka, a. red; -kantha, a. sweet-voiced; m. cuckoo; Name of a fairy; -kadamba, m. red Kadamba tree; -kamal inî, f. group of red lotuses; -krishna, a. dark red; -kandana, n. red sandal; -kkha da, a. red-leaved; -kkhardi, f. vomiting blood; -ga, a. derived from the blood; -tara, cpv. greatly attached; -tâ, f. redness; nature of blood; -tva, n. redness; -dant, a. having red (=dirty) teeth; -nayana, a.red-eyed; -netra, a. id.; -pata, m. (wearing red rags), Buddhist monk: -vrata-vâhinî, f. Buddhist nun; -patî-kri, dress in red rags, turn into a Buddhist monk; -patta-maya, a. made of red cloth; -padma, n. red lotus; -pâda,m. red-footed bird; -pushpa, n. red flower; a. having red flowers; -phala, a. bearing red fruit; -bindu, m. drop of blood; -bhâva, a. enamoured; -mandala, a. having a red disc (moon); having loyal subjects: -tâ, f. abst.n.; -mukha, a. red-faced; m. Name of a monkey; -varna, m. red colour; colour of blood; a. red-coloured; -vâsas, a. wearing a red garment; -vâsin, a. id.; -syâma, a. dark red; -sâra, a. in whom blood predominates, of sanguine temperament.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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