radh रध्

Definition: or randh- cl.4 P. () r/adhyati- (perfect tense rarandha-,1. plural rarandhima-or redhma- grammar;3. plural rāradh/uḥ- ; Aorist aradhat- ; subjunctive randhīs- imperative randhi-for randdhi- ; future radhitā-, raddhā- grammar; radhiṣyati-, ratsyati- ; infinitive mood radhitum- ), to become subject to (dative case), be subdued or overthrown, succumb ; to be completed or matured (see rādh-) ; to bring into subjection, subdue ; to deliver into the hand of (dative case) ; to hurt, torment : Causal randh/ayati- (Ved. also te-; Aorist rīradhat- ; ararandhat- grammar), to make subject, deliver over to (dative case) ; to torment, afflict ; to destroy, annihilate ; to cook, prepare (food) : Desiderative riradhiṣati-, riratsati- grammar : Intensive rāradhyate-, rāraddhi- grammar (in rārandh/i-for rāranddh/i-,and rāranta-for rārantta-) to hand over to, deliver.