rāga राग

Definition: m. [√ rag] colouring, dyeing; colour; redness; passion, vehement desire, love, affection or sympathy for, joy or delight in (lc. or --°ree;); (colouring), nasalization; love liness, beauty (of voice or song); musical mode (of which six are generally assumed, these being variously stated to be Srîrâga, Bhairava, Megha, Kausika, Hindola, Dîpaka; or Srî râga, Bhairava, Megha, Vasanta, Pañkama, Natanârâyana; or Srîrâga, Vasanta, Mâlava, Mallâra, Karnâta, and Hillola; sts. seven or twenty-six are spoken of).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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