putraḥ पुत्रः

Definition: पुत्रः 1 A son; (the word is thus derived:-- पुन्नाम्नो नरकाद् यस्मात् त्रायते पितरं सुतः । तस्मात् पुत्र इति प्रोक्तः स्वयमेव स्वयंभुवा ॥ Ms.9.138; the word, therefore, should be strictly written पुत्त्रः). -2 A child, young one of an animal. -3 A dear child (a term of endearment in addressing young persons). -4 (At the end of comp.) Anything little or small of its kind; as in असिपुत्रः, शिलापुत्रः &c. -5 (Astrol.) The fifth mansion from जन्मलग्न. -त्रौ (du.) A son and daughter. -Comp. -अन्नादः 1 one who lives at a son's expense, one who is maintained by his son. -2 a mendicant of a particular order; see कुटीचक. -अर्थिन् a. wishing for a son. -आचार्य a. one having a son for his teacher; Me.3. 16. -आदिनी 1 an unnatural mother. -2 a tigress. -इष्टिः, -इष्टिका f. a sacrifice performed to obtain male issue; गृहीत्वा पञ्चवर्षीयं पुत्रेष्टिं प्रथमं चरेत्. -ऐश्वर्यम् a resignation of property or power by a father to his son. -कर्मन् n. a ceremony on the birth of a son. -काम a. desirous of sons. -काम्या a wish for sons; अथाभ्यर्च्य विधातारं प्रयतौ पुत्रकाम्यया R.1.35. -कार्यम् a ceremony relating to a son. -कृत् m. an adopted son. -कृतकः one who is adopted as a son, an adopted son; श्यामाकमुष्टिपरिवर्धितको जहाति सो$यं न पुत्रकृतकः पदवीं मृगस्ते Ś.4.14. -जग्धी an unnatural mother (who eats her own children.) -जात a. one to whom a son is born. -दारम् son and wife. -धर्मः filial duty. -पौत्रम्, -त्राः sons and grandsons. -पौत्रीण a. transmitted from son to son, hereditary; लक्ष्मीं परंपरीणां त्वं पुत्रपौत्रीणतां नय Bk.5.15. -प्रतिनिधिः a substitute for a son. (e. g. an adopted son). -प्रवरः the eldest son. -लाभः obtaining a son. -वधः f. a daughter-in-law. -सखः 'a friend of children', one who is fond of children. -सूः a mother of a son. -हीन a. sonless, childless. -संकरिन् a. mixing or confusing sons by mixed marriages. -हतः an epithet of Vasiṣṭha (whose hundred sons where killed). (-ती) an unnatural mother.

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