puruṣākāra पुरुषाकार

Definition: a. having a human form; -½âkriti, f. figure of a man; -½ada, a. (î) man-devouring; m. man-eater, Râkshasa: -ka, a., m. id.; -½anrita, n. falsehood respect ing a human being; -½antara, n. another (= following) generation; m. (sc. samdhi) proxy ship, a kind of treaty settled by a duel be tween warriors representative of both parties: -m, ad. through an intermediary, indirectly; -½âyusha, n. full period of human life; -½ar tha, m. human object, aim of existence; action of man, human effort: -m, ad. for man; for the sake of the soul; -½avatâra, m. human incarnation.

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