puraskṛ पुरस्कृ

Definition: पुरस्कृ 8 U. 1 To place before or in front, make one's leader, put at the head; हते जरति गङ्गेये पुरस्कृत्य शिखण्डिनम् Ve.2.4; U.1.3; Ku.2.52. -2 To introduce, present; मद्वचनात् स राजा शकुन्तलां पुरस्कृत्य वक्तव्यः Ś.4, 7. -3 To honour, respect, esteem, hospitably receive or entertain; दर्शनेनैव भवतीनां पुरस्कृतो$स्मि Ś.1. -4 To adopt, choose, follow; स पुरस्कृतमध्यमक्रमः R.8.9. -5 To appoint. -6 To show, indicate, evince. -7 To lead. -8 To use as a pretext.

Dictionary: Apte
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