pura पुर

Definition: पुर a. [पृ-क] Full of, filled with. -रम् 1 A town, city (containing large buildings, surrounded by a ditch, and not less than one Krośa in extent); पुरे तावन्तमेवास्य तनोति रविरातपम् Ku.2.33; R.1.59. -2 A castle, fortress, stronghold. -3 A house, residence, abode. -4 The body; नवद्वारे पुरे देही नैव कुर्वन् न कारयन् Bg.5.13. -5 The female apartments. -6 Name of the town पाटलिपुत्र; q. v. -7 The calyx of a flower, or any cup formed of leaves. -8 A brothel. -9 The skin. -1 Bdellium. -11 An upper story. -12 A store-house. -13 A fragrant grass (नागरमुस्ता). -Comp. -अट्टः a turret on a citywall. -अधिपः, -अध्यक्षः the governor of a town; Mb.13.135.11. -अरातिः, -अरिः, -असुहृद् m., -रिपुः epithets of Śiva; Bhāg.5.24.28; पुपरारातिभरान्त्या कुसुमशर किं मां प्रहरसि Subhāṣ.; see त्रिपुर. -अर्धविस्तारः 1 a small village, hamlet. -2 a suburb, ward, division of a town. -उत्सवः a festival celebrated in a city. -उद्यानम् a city-garden, park. -ओकस् m. an inhabitant of a town. -कोट्टम् a citadel. -ग a. 1 going to a town. -2 favourably inclined. -जित्, -द्विष्, -भिद् m. epithets of Śiva. -ज्योतिस् m. 1 an epithet of fire. -2 the world of Agni. -तटी a small market-town, small village. -तोरणम् the outer gate of a city. -देवता the tutelary deity of a town. -द्वारम् a city-gate; कोठ्या कोठ्या पुरद्वार- मेकैकं रुरुधे द्विषाम् Bk.14.29. -नारी a courtezan. -निवेशः the founding of a city. -पालः 1 'city-governor', the commandant of a fortress. -2 the soul. -मथनः an epithet of Śiva. -मार्गः the street of a town; पुरमार्गे घनशब्दविक्लवाः Ku.4.11; R.11.3. -रक्षः, -रक्षकः, रक्षिन् m. a constable, police-officer. -रोधः the siege of a fortress. -वासिन् m. a citizen, a townsman. -वास्तु n. ground fit for the foundation of a town. -शासनः 1 an epithet of Viṣṇu. -2 of Śiva; प्रसाधनं मातृभिरादृताभिर्न्यस्तं पुरस्तात् पुरशासनस्य Ku.7.3. -हन् m. 1 an epithet of Viṣṇu. -2 of Śiva.

Dictionary: Apte
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