pravrajana प्रव्रजन

Definition: n. going abroad, leav ing home; -vragita, (pp.) m. religious men dicant (Brâhman in the fourth order); n. life of a religious mendicant: â, f. nun; -vragya, n. going abroad, migration, wander ing forth from home: â, f. religious mendi cancy; order of ascetics; joining the monastic (or fourth) order; -vraska, m. cut; -vrâg, m. religious mendicant, recluse; -vrâgá, m. river-bed (V.); -vrâgaka, m. religious men dicant: -strî, f. mendicant nun; -vrâgikâ, f. id.; -vrâgana, n. banishment; -vr&asharp;gin, going forth or after (--°ree;); m. religious mendi cant; -vlaya, m. collapse.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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