praveka प्रवेक

Definition: a. choice, chief, exquisite, most excellent of (--°ree;); -vega, m. great swift ness; -vegita, den. pp. moving rapidly; -ve- nî, f. braid of hair; coloured woollen cloth; -vetri, m. charioteer; -vettri, m. connoisseur of (--°ree;); -vedana, n. making known, pro claiming; -vedin, a. thoroughly knowing (--°ree;); -vedya, fp. to be made known; -vedha, m. shot; -vepin, a. trembling; -verita, pp. cast, hurled; -vesa, m.entrance, entry, pene tration, intrusion, into (lc., g.±antar, or --°ree;); appearance on the stage; getting into the house, coming into one's possession (e. g. of a deposit); obtrusiveness, meddlesomeness; entering into=admissibleness, applicability in (lc.); employment or utilization of (--°ree;); entrance, door: -ka, a. --°ree;, id.; m. interlude (explaining what has happened between two acts and is essential for the understanding of what follows); -vesana, n. entering, en trance or penetration into (g., lc., or --°ree;); co pulation; introduction, into (lc.); driving home (of cattle); -vesa-bhâgika, m. collector of taxes; -vesayitavya, fp. to be introduced; -vesita, cs. pp. introduced, made or allowed to enter; n. causing to appear on the stage; -vesin, a. entering, into (--°ree;); accessible through or over (--°ree;); having sexual intercourse with (--°ree;); -vesya, fp. to be entered; -played (musical instrument); -introduced; -vesh- tavya, fp. to be entered; -allowed to enter; n. imps. one should enter or penetrate into (lc.); -veshtri, m. one who enters: -tva, n. condition of --.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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