pravacanam प्रवचनम्

Definition: प्रवचनम् 1 Speaking, declaration, announcement; प्रवचने मान्द्यम् Pt.1.19. -2 Teaching, expounding. -3 Exposition, explanation, interpretation; नायमात्मा प्रवचनेन लभ्यो न मेधया न बहुना श्रुतेन Kaṭh.1.2.22; लब्ध्वा ज्ञानमनेकधा प्रवचनैर्मन्वादयः प्राणयन् Mv.4.25; Bhāg.7.15.1. -4 Eloquence. -5 A sacred treatise or writing; Ms. 3.184. -6 An expression, a term. -7 A system of doctrines (in the form of a treatise). -8 The fundamental doctrine of the Budhists. -नः One who exposes, propounds; Bhāg.1.87.11. -Comp. -पटु a. skilled in talking, eloquent.

Dictionary: Apte
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